Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Play Golf

How to play golf with a good and true? If you are a rookie and would like to know how to play golf properly, then here's your chance.

Exercise carried out by utilizing golf as an arena to play golf. In essence how to play good golf is not fixated on one punch technique.
How to play golf on any people can be different.

All depends on the player's convenience. But you can learn how to play golf with a diligent and continuous exercise. How to play golf is good and true will depend on each individual.
How to play golf for basic training in teeing off is as follows;

- Pay attention to your posture if you want to hit the ball. shoulders should be in a straight and slightly bent at an angle of 45 degrees down.

- Hand holding a golf club straight. Left hand holding the stick under the right hand.

- Shoulder blow in the direction you want to go.

- Preparing to hit, legs straight, knees slightly bent.
Knees slightly bent, resting on his left knee at the time wanted to hit.

- Swing the golf club over his shoulder at the time of going to hit the ball.
At the ball, with a rocking motion.

- Rotated right leg following a blow to the nearly 90-degree angle when the swinging motion was carried.

Repeat the above until you truly master the How To Play Golf To Tee Off Blow correct.

Welcome to play Golf!

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